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Supreme Court of Mercosur to debate labor rights

Tuesday, November 21, 2006.

Among the topics that will be discussed at the 4th Mercosur Supreme Court Meeting held on 23 and 24, the Mercosur Judiciary's concern is to discuss the bloc's labor guidelines.

The active participation of trade union entities in Mercosur resulted in the approval of the Socio-Labor Declaration in 1998, whereby member countries undertake to adopt a series of principles in the area of labor, in line with the conventions of the International Labor Organization OIT.

Keeping in mind these principles, the Supreme Court Meeting of this year will count on the participation of trade union centrals and labor ministers. "Last year, we brought together entrepreneurs from various countries of the bloc and entrepreneurs who have activities in more than one Mercosur country to tell us what the Judiciary can contribute to. Now it is the turn of the trade union centrals and labor justices of the various countries, "said Justice Ellen Gracie, president of the Supreme Court.

The Socio-Labor Declaration established guarantees of non-discrimination of workers on the basis of race, national origin, color, sex or sexual orientation, age, creed, political or trade union opinion, ideology, economic position or any other social or family condition.

In 1999, the Multilateral Agreement on Social Security was created, which allows the counting of the time of retirement of people working in more than one country. "It is important that this discussion be done from the labor point of view properly, because if we want an effective integration in which people can leave Brazil and work in Paraguay and then in Argentina, then return to Brazil, it is very important that there is a Harmonization of legislation and that labor rights are, if not exactly, at least harmonic in all countries, "said Justice Ellen Gracie.


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