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STF promotes meeting with Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries for formation of database of constitutional jurisprudence

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) promotes a meeting with justices of supreme courts of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries tomorrow (22). The magistrates will be in Brazil as observers of the 4th Meeting of Supreme Courts of Mercosur. In the opportunity, the president to the STF, justice Ellen Gracie, will propose the creation of a database of constitutional jurisprudence of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries

According to Ellen Gracie, the proposal is to establish cooperation among Portuguese-speaking countries so that there may be an exchange of ideas regarding constitutional jurisprudence. "Our proposal is to establish a database, a repository of constitutional jurisprudence of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries." The STF, the justice informed, already has all its jurisprudence in an electronic database, available on the network.

The president of the STF said that the institution can offer support and technical support to countries that do not have the same level of technical development. "This is an international cooperation project in which Brazil intends to host this bank, which will surely bring mutual benefits to these countries," continued Ellen Gracie. For her, it is important to know how constitutional issues are handled and that this information can be circulated in Portuguese-speaking countries. "The meeting of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries is exactly the right forum for that."

The justice recalled that this is an exclusive project of the Portuguese-speaking countries. "Our link is exactly the Portuguese language. They attend the meeting of Mercosur as observers, to verify what has been done in terms of judicial cooperation with the Mercosur countries as well. "

The meeting with representatives of the CPLP will be held at 10 am in the plenary of the National Justice Council (CNJ), located in the coverage of Annex II of the STF.


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