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Last Panel 'Meeting of Supreme Courts of Mercosur' addresses integration and legal security

Friday, November 24, 2006

Integration and legal security: the role of judges. This was the theme of the IV Panel, chaired by Justice Gilmar Mendes, of the Supreme Court, of the 4th Mercosur Supreme Courts Meeting.

The panel began with the participation of Justice Jaime Ampuero García, of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Republic of Bolivia. According to him, the reform of the system of administration of the Bolivian Justice will be a factor of great importance, because "from its innovation and modernization will be created the conditions to strengthen the institutionalization of the State through a legal system that allows the effective access to Justice to All Bolivians. "Ampuero Garcia stressed that the work of the judiciary of the countries that make up the Mercosur allows to create a legal security between the States "to achieve the peace, harmony and happiness of its inhabitants".

Justice Yesid Ramírez Bastidas, president of the Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia, emphasized the importance of Justice in Mercosur to solve problems that arise between nations. "This is a favorable factor for foreign investment that brings capital and development to the peoples and also for the fight against poverty and the marginal population," Yesid said.

Representing the Constitutional Court of Chile, Justice Juan Colombo Campbell spoke of the need to create and encourage courts with international jurisdiction. "The concept of the rule of law must be strengthened as a foundation of democracy and effective protection of human rights is reflected in the indispensable political and constitutional integration, for which it is necessary to create a body of community norms and mechanisms of judicial structures As the only way to translate globalization and improve the situation of the states and people included. "

Justice Juan Francisco Vergara Gotele of the Constitutional Court of Peru also participated in this panel. Juan Francisco revealed that Peru is going through a special stage, in view of the search for reform of the Judiciary that has not yet been carried out.

"We have to find the necessary overcoming of those difficult moments that crosses the Republic of Peru. I believe also that in this great event, in this integration, surely the other South American countries could bring their concerns and affirm an integrative version that will give rise to the formation of the future of solving unique conflicts and of giving the security that is so much claimed "The justice Juan Francisco said.
"Brazil corresponds to half of Latin America, so integration is achieved in half of the South American territory," said justice Manuel Maria Duarte Soares, of the Supreme Court of Justice of Portugal, in brief participation in the meeting.

Finally, Justice Omar Alfredo Mora Diaz, president of the Supreme Court of Justice of Venezuela, stressed that the Supreme Courts should serve as an example for other instances, "encouraging the necessary changes to guarantee or at least facilitate the mechanisms of integration with greater security Legal, guaranteeing the most important end of this process, which is to build a united and more solidary Latin America. "


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