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Advisory Jurisdiction of the International Courts opens morning of lectures at the Meeting of Supreme Courts of Mercosur

Friday, November 24, 2006

The second day of Mercosur's Supreme Court Meeting, which is in its fourth edition, was opened by the conference "Advisory Jurisdiction of the International Courts." The panel was chaired by Justice José Raúl Torres Kirmser of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Republic of Paraguay The conference was presented by retired Supreme Court Justice Francisco Rezek.

Justice Rezek emphasized, among many points, that everything that has happened to date in the context of Mercosur, allows to see the perspectives of the consultative manifestation, although not obligatory, because there is no history of inefficiency or failure in this subject.

"The non-requirement of the advisory system will not be a factor of discredit to the Advisory Arbitration Tribunal of the Mercosur. Nobody believes that there will be a clash between the courts of the countries that make up the bloc, "Rezek said.

The justice also said that there is a certain right in the law to accommodate the issues of interest to the community. "There will be no trauma to these practices. If in Brazil it will not happen, I do not believe that in neighboring countries it will happen. This country was the most legally great in the world. We have never seen such prestige and prerogatives in the international community. If we can flexibilize, others can. If the Supreme Court can settle on behalf of the interests of the community, in the name of justice interest, we can accommodate ourselves (Mercosur countries), "he concluded.


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