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Integration and transparency are in the management guidelines of the Court for the upcoming two years

Monday, January 31st

The Official Gazette of this Monday (30) published two ordinances that define the management guidelines and strategic mission of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) for the biennium 2017-2018.

Ordinance 20/2017, edited by the Chief Justice of the STF, Cármen Lúcia, established as guidelines for the period the promotion of integrated communication of the STF with all Courts, the guarantee of transparency and access to public information and strengthening the Court's institutional relations at the national and international levels. Attention is also given to the improvement of administrative, financial and human resources management.

The norm emphasizes that it is the duty of the Judiciary to promote structural changes necessary to fulfil its mission, "with transparency and knowledge of the corresponding projects, brief and detailed, by the citizens".

In order to promote integrated communication between the STF and the other Courts, priority will be given to technological systems, focusing on the independence of the computer platform, accessibility and interoperability of systems, services, data and information, and aiming greater celerity in the jurisdictional service.

In the administrative and financial field, the improvement must observe the principles of social responsibility, sustainability and accessibility. Human resources management, in turn, aims at improving the health promotion policy and the well-being of the staff.

Mission and strategic vision

Ordinance 21/2017, also published in the Official Gazette of this Monday, defines the mission and strategic vision of the STF in the following terms:

Mission: It is the Federal Supreme Court's duty, under the settled constitutional provisions, to protect the Constitution, being its institutional responsibility to defend and preserve Democracy and ensure the implementation of the principles of the Republic and respect for the Federation. In the last judicial instance, it is incumbent upon it to ensure the effectiveness of fundamental rights, rendering intangible the dignity of the human person, in the form established in the internal juridical order and in the international covenants to which Brazil has acceded, preventing any form of undue pressure or unacceptable state or private oppression that prevents, obstructs or nullifies the integrity of the constitutional rights of the people.

Strategic vision: Guarantee the intangibility of the democratic institutions, ensuring the implementation of republican and federative principles and the effectiveness of fundamental rights to assure the grand constitutional right of human dignity.

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