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Foreign journalists visit justice Cármen Lúcia

Wednesday, March 08, 2017 

The Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Cármen Lúcia, received on wednesday a delegation of foreign journalists from the Knight-Wallace Fellowships for Journalists of the University of Michigan (USA) aimed at the specialization of journalists of different nationalities. The reporters came to know the functioning of the Brazilian judicial system, with emphasis on the Federal Supreme Court.

During the conversation, the justice commented on some judgments that have had a greater impact on Brazilian society in recent times - such as the liberation of abortion in cases of anencephalic fetuses and the recognition of the homosexual civil union -, the importance of transparency in the Brazilian judiciary, the participation of society in the debates of the Supreme Court, the low representation of women in the public and private spheres, affirmative actions confirmed by the STF, among other subjects.

The justice explained to the visitors the differences in functioning between the Federal Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of the United States. The majority of the entourage was made up of american journalists. She stressed the importance of press coverage to decisions of the Federal Supreme Court, which plenary sessions are broadcast live on TV Justiça, Radio Justiça and YouTube.

The journalists showed interest in the functioning of the Court, and in reference to International Women's Day, they also asked about the gender division in both the composition of the Plenary and the number of public servants and advisors who work in the Supreme Court. The justice explained that in the Supreme the number of public servants and advisers maintains a numerical proportion between men and women.

Regarding the composition of the plenary, she recalled that she is the second woman to preside over the Court and that until today only three women have been appointed justices of the Federal Supreme Court. Justice Cármen Lúcia pointed out that Brazilian society still has a lot of inequality when it comes to gender issues.

At the end of the meeting journalists visited the premises of the headquarters building of the STF and received explanations on the history of the tribunal from the time of the empire to the present day.

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