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The Federal Supreme Court of Brazil guarantees the reduction of sentence by work

The Second Chamber of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), in the session of this Tuesday (4), approved the Ordinary Appeal in Habeas Corpus (RHC) 136509 to be considered, for the purpose of reduction of the sentence in days of work, the total of hours that have been worked by a inmate on a daily basis of less than six hours.

The Law 7.210/1984, which regulates the payment of part of the sentence with working days, determines that every 3 days of work, with at least 6 hours of activities, 1 day is reduced from the total penalty. It happens that in the establishment where the prisoner was fulfilling penalty there was only 4 hours of work in a day. As the criminal execution court did not subtract any work day from the penalty, because it didn't completes the minimum of 6 hours daily, the Public Defender of the Union appealed to the Supreme Federal Court requesting the application of the principle of the humanity punishment.

The Panel determined that the total of hours of work should be added and divided by 6, to find the amount of days that should be subtracted from the penalty. In total, the detent had 91 working hours, resulting in 16 days.

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