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The Supreme Federal Court reaffirms the unconstitutionality of civilian police to strike

By majority vote, the Plenary of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) reaffirmed the understanding that it is unconstitutional to exercise the right to strike by civilian police and other public officials who act directly in the area of public security. The decision was made in the morning of Wednesday (5), in the judgment of the Extraordinary Appeal with grievance (ARE) 654432, with general repercussion recognized.

The thesis approved by the Supreme Court for purposes of general repercussion says that "(1) the exercise of the right to strike, in any form or modality, is forbidden to civilian police officers and all civil servants who act directly in the area of public security.(2) It is obligatory the participation of the Public Power in the mediation established by the class-conscious-organs of public security careers, under the terms of Article 165 of the Code of Civil Procedure, to vocalize the interests of the category.

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STF reafirma inconstitucionalidade de greve de policiais civis

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