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Justice Cármen Lúcia opens a National Forum for Childhood and Youth

Thursday, April 06, 2017

The Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) and presidente of the National Council  of Justice (CNJ), Cármen Lúcia, opens in this thursday (6) the National Forum of Childhood and Youth (Foninj). “The vulnerability of the minor is major than the vulnerability of the adult and therefore the concerns are greater with regard to him”, she said in an event performed in the Session Room of the Second Class of Supreme Federal Court.

According to the Justice, the forum was created by the National Justice Council with the aim of taking care of the problems inherent to childhood and youth in several aspects, such as adoption, minors in conflict with the law and victims of abuse. “The forum is a space of discussion to have a describe of the social reality that we have and know the conditions of the Judiciary Power in what concerns the problems that appears. The aim is to present the proposals that will become actions for the modification of the situation of non-compliance with the constitutional principles regarding the minor,“ affirmed.

In the opinion of the president of the STF and the CNJ, the judge responsible for the area is the great engine of the Judiciary for the change of the situation and also source of proposals for public policies that can be adopted by the other powers from the reality that is describe in detail by them. “If we do not have a solution to the problems of these youth, we will have a lot worse Brazil tomorrow. The lack of solution corresponds to a new problems creator,” emphasized.

The national magistrate and Justice of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), João Otávio de Noronha, pointed out that public policies have not been sufficient to overcome the problem concerning children and youth yet. He also defends that should have a greater communication among the responsible for the area to improve, for example, the adoption issue.

The president of Foninj and counselor of CNJ, justice of the Superior Labor Court (TST) Lelio Bentes, pointed out that the Forum brings together, besides magistrates from the area of childhood and youth, federal and labor judges. “Every magistracy is putting itself in the service of the cause, seeking the elaboration of public policies from this cooperation” he reinforced.


The theme proposed for discussion among the participants of the Foninj is "The Judiciary Power and the Absolute Priority to the Rights of the Child and the Adolescent". In a permanent way, the Forum was established through CNJ Resolution 231/2016, with the attribution of elaborating studies and proposing measures for the coordination, elaboration and execution of public policies within the Judiciary,To improve the jurisdictional provision in the area of childhood and youth.

The Foninj is composed of two CNJ advisers and judges, whose mission is to guide the work developed by the Childhood and Youth Coordination of the states and the Federal District, besides facilitating the dialogue between the Federal Justice, Labor Justice, Child and Youth Justice, Childhood and Youth Coordination and the CNJ.

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