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Statement from Justice Celso de Mello (free translation)

Thursday,18 May 2017

"More than ever, in this particular moment in which Brazil stands between its past and its future, the citizens of this Country, the national institutions and the members of the Powers of the State shall pay irrestrict obedience to the Constitution and to the laws of the Republic as a preserving condition to our fundamental liberties and to protection of our rights! We are all servants of the law in order to be really free, as remarked Cicero in the century I b.C., and also to, with this gesture of solidary respect to the principles of our higher law, be truly capable of preserving the fundaments and the integrity of the values which constitute the inspiring breath of the Republic and the legitimizing reason of the Democratic Rule of Law!"

Brasília, 18 May 2017.

Justice Celso de Mello

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