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Public hearing on DNA collection to feed state database

Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Carmen Lúcia, began in this thursday morning (25) public hearing convened to discuss technical aspects of DNA collection applied to forensic investigation. The meeting takes place throughout the morning of today and on Friday (26). The public hearing has live and open broadcast and simultaneous translation on TV Justice, Radio Justice and the STF channel on YouTube.

For the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the debates will enable the Court to obtain a "collection of information necessary for a faster and more fruitful judgment on a subject of the major severity, greatest seriousness, which is the identification and storage of genetic profiles of those convicted of violent or heinous crimes." 

General repercussion

The subject is dealt in the Extraordinary Appeal (RE) 973837, with general acknowledged repercussion and with the rapporteur Justice Gilmar Mendes. The process approaches the collection of genetic material from convicted felons for violent or heinous crimes, for the maintenance of a state database.

The creation of a database with a genetic profile from the mandatory extraction of DNA from convicted felons, with violence of grave nature against person or heinous was instituted by Law 12,654 / 2012, which introduced Article 9-A to the Law on Criminal Execution.

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