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Justice Carmen Lúcia signs agreement against corruption with the International Transparency

Friday, June 2, 2017

The National Council of Justice (CNJ) signed, this Friday (2), a Term of Technical Cooperation with the International Transparency, organisation with headquarters in Berlin (Germany) and performance in more than 100 countries, for the implementation of activities to fight the corruption and money laundering based on the improvement of the Brazilian judicial system. In signing the agreement, Justice Carmen Lúcia, president of the CNJ and Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), said that there is no justice without ethic.

According to Justice Carmen Lúcia, the agreement will allow the implementation of programs and measures to improve control mechanisms that allow greater effectiveness in the judgement of actions related to corruption. "The CNJ works on fixation of the goals for the next period so that issues related to the fight against corruption submitted to the judiciary have priority, in order to guarantee the speed of all judgments," said the Justice.

For her, these actions affects directly the citizen. "[The assets of corruption] are spent illicitly and not on what is needed. Everyone wants to have the right of not distrust of any of us, public servants, and to ensure that we, public agents, are people who behave in a legal system that has ethics established as the place and principle of all relationships " , Said Carmen Lúcia. 

Good International practices

The cooperation term (read the full text) establishes initiatives such as the production of diagnostic studies and identification of best national and international practices on judicial system management and the prevention and punishment of corruption. Another working front is the training of judges and legal system officials on fight to the corruption and money laundering issues, including exchanges with other countries. “ International Transparency has an experience that will now be coupled with the procedures adopted by the CNJ," said Justice Carmen Lúcia.

Are also envisaged the cooperation for the assistance and protection of victims and witnesses of corruption, by interposition of the Center of Support and Incidence anti-corruption of International Transparency, and the joint development of awareness-raising campaigns and the promotion of transparency and the fight against corruption. “We will work on ways of training, campaigns and investigations that will allow the improvement of the justice for the benefit of all," said International Transparency President José Carlos Ugaz Sánchez Moreno.

Within 60 days, the two bodies - CNJ and International Transparency - should present a work plan detailing the activities, budget and goals to be achieved.The activities can be financed with own budgetary resources of each part and the transfer of financial resources among the organs is prohibited.

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