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Justice maintains decision that has revoked the mandate of governor and deputy governor of Amazonas

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Justice Celso de Mello, Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), denied a follow-up (deemed unviable) to Complaint (RCL) 27713, filed by the former governor of the Amazon José Melo against a judgment of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) that confirmed the revoke of his mandate and of the vice governor. According to the justice, the constitutional complaint alleging non-compliance with the decision of the STF issued in an extraordinary appeal with a general repercussion can only be admitted after exhausting the ordinary instances, which was not occurred in the case, since there is still appeal (motion for clarification) pending of analysis by the TSE.

Chief Justice's replacement

The complaint, filed July 17, during the forensic holiday, was analyzed by Justice Celso de Mello based on the application of the rule set forth in article 37 (item I) of the Internal Regulation of the STF (RISTF). (Article 145, paragraph 1, of the CPC and article 227, caput, of RISTF) and the absence, from de country, of the STF Deputy Chief Justice, Dias Toffoli.

- Read the entire decision. 

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