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Justice Carmen Lúcia highlights the opening of the Judiciary to the citizen in the 15 years of Justice TV

Friday, August 11, 2017

On air since august 11, 2002, Justice TV, the broadcaster of the Judiciary, based in the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court, was the first in the world to transmit sessions of Supreme Court trials and the first to provide a 24-hour schedule dedicated to the Judicial power of a country. The initiative, hitherto unpublished in a constitutional court, has attracted the attention of international observers. The broadcast of the trials, live and uncut, inspired years later similar initiatives in countries like the United Kingdom and Mexico.

The Chief Justice of the Federal Supreme Court, Justice Cármen Lúcia, compares the Brazilian reality with that of other international courts. "There are many courts that do not even allow access - except from the party's lawyer - to the places where the trials are held," she says. "In the Brazilian case, the 1988 Constitution inaugurated a period of openness for the citizen to know of his rights. And Justice TV has been translating this opening".

In addition to daily news, the broadcaster's programs integrate more than one hundred hours a week into the programming grid. There are 20 self productions and 30 partners from all over Brazil - between State courts and entities linked to the Judiciary. The recordings already amount to more than 21 thousand hours of archives, accumulated over the last 15 years.

With information and transparency, the 24-hour daily program allows strengthening democracy and increasing citizens' knowledge, which began to better understand the functioning of the Judiciary and to discuss legal matters of great relevance in the national scenario.

The Federal Supreme Court was also the first court in the world to own an official channel on YouTube's video-sharing site. Since 2008, the channel has exponentially increased the visibility of Justice TV broadcasts. And in 2010, the creation of Ponto Jus, the educational channel of Justice TV, consolidated the channel's vocation to contribute to the expansion of citizenship through education.

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