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Chief Justice supports National Council of Justice's role in designing policies to advance access to justice

Friday, November 10, 2017

In an interview in the "Link CNJ" program of TV Justice, the head of the  Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) and the National Council of Justice (CNJ), Justice Carmen Lúcia, said that one of the challenges of the CNJ is to define policies to identify and prioritize lawsuits that need to be dealt with faster: "There is no way to expect a sick patient to wait for judicial proceedings in the same conditions as that of a small debt case," she said.

The Justice said that the council works to meet the demands of the Brazilian population in relation to the Judiciary. To do this, she explains, the council annually defines programs, plans and goals to be followed by judges and courts. The Justice emphasizes that, although it is a new body, the CNJ has been refined in order to meet the changing expectations of society regarding Justice. The Chief Justice of the STF observed that one of the challenges is to ensure the reasonable duration of proceedings and that, for this purpose, the CNJ works on the elaboration of policies to advance access to justice, such as the creation of specialized courts and the selection of the most common lawsuits.

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