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The First Chamber of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court grants requests of extradition of the government of Spain

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Two requests for Extradition (EXT 1511 and 1517), requested by the government of Spain, were granted by the First Chamber of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) in a session held on the afternoon of this Tuesday (5). Unanimously, the Justices considered the possibility of surrendering the individuals, in view of, among other reasons, the correspondence of the crimes in the two countries.

EXT 1511

The request of Extradition 1511 was formulated against the spanish national Santiago Pelayo Sanmartin Carbon, in order that he responds to criminal procedure in Spain, by the continued crime of aggravated fraud. For the rapporteur of the matter, Justice Rosa Weber, the request meets the requirements of the Migration Law (Law 1345/14) and the extradition treaty concluded between Brazil and Spain, which is why the Justice voted to grant the request.

EXT 1517

Another request for Extradition (EXT 1517) formulated by the government of Spain was analyzed by the Panel. In it, the spanish citizen Ruben Parra Alonso is accused of practicing crimes of misappropriation with the use of false documents, swindling and theft. According to the justice Marco Aurélio, rapporteur of the process, the imputed facts are considered crimes also in Brazil.


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