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Teixeira de Freitas 2017-2º

Led by the International Advisory, the Program is a stimulus for a cooperation that values the creation of a regional academic dialogue in the legal area in Mercosur members and associates. Its purpose is to build and expand a common understanding that can help strengthen economic integration efforts and promote the training and retraining of scholars and students, as well as stimulate the development of research and extension in the legal area within Mercosur and its associates. With academic-level cooperation, it seeks to promote mutual understanding of the legal realities of Mercosur countries, to support the development of legal researches and to facilitate the creation of a space for reflection on the regional bloc's fundamental legal issues.

To this end, students will have the opportunity to learn about the Brazilian Judiciary structure, through lectures and visits to Judicial bodies and the Brazilian Frderal Supreme Court (STF) itself, and will carry out activities in the Cabinets of Justices. At the end of the program, they will present a paper in comparative law at the Teixeira de Freitas Seminar, in order to consolidate the knowledge acquired during the exchange.

In this edition, the Supreme Court receives the students María José León Varela and Matías Farid Lama Cartes, of Universidad Alberto Hurtado of Chile, and the student Paula Molina Pulgarin, of Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain.

For more information about the Teixeira de Freitas Program visit theinternational page of the STF.

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