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Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) grants collective Habeas Corpus (HC) to pregnant women and mothers remaining in pre-trial detention

The Second Chamber of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) decided, by a majority of votes, to grant the collective Habeas Corpus (HC 143641) in order to determine the replacement of pre-trial detention of women prisoners, in all the national territory, in the case of pregnant women or mothers of children up to the age of 12 or mothers of children with disabilities, without prejudice to the application of the alternative measures provided in the Article 319 of the Brazilian Code of Criminal Procedure.

The decision shall be communicated to the presidents of the state and federal courts, including the federal and military state courts, so that, within 60 days, the determinations established by the panel may be analyzed and fully implemented.

Read the full report and the vote of the judge-rapporteur, Justice Ricardo Lewandowski

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