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Teen arrested for small amount of drug will face trial in freedom

Justice Luis Roberto Barroso of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) has assured an 18-year-old boy, who is being held in custody for the alleged practice of drug trafficking, the right to respond to the case in freedom. In the decision taken in Habeas Corpus (HC) 152964, the Justice explained that the prison decree presents generic grounds, without solid elements capable of authorizing the arrest. He also emphasized that the custody of a young, first-offense accused for the trafficking of small amounts of narcotics is counterproductive from the point of view of criminal policy.

The young man was arrested in the act of committing an offence in Ibiúna (brazilian city located in the state of São Paulo) with 36g of marijuana and 1g of crack and then had the jail turned into a pre-trial detention by the first instance court.


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