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Ponto Jus Channel Programs will be broadcasted on the internet

As of March 23, TV Justiça celebrates a new milestone in its history. Ponto Jus Channel will no longer be exclusively broadcasted on TV since it will be available to the whole world through the Internet in its own channel dedicated to legal education for all. This step represents the universalization of Ponto Jus Channel, which will give broad access to differentiated educational programs of TV Justiça's programming, such as "Saber Direito" and "Grandes Julgamentos do STF".

Law, citizenship and education are now a click away, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. With this step, TV Justiça intends to serve viewers on a more comprehensively and satisfactorily way with programs that explore the universe of legal knowledge, classified by thematic sections, in Ponto Jus Channel, providing quality and affordable education for those who need or want to know more.

With the launch of Ponto Jus Channel in 2009, TV Justiça became the first federal public broadcaster to exploit multiplexing, a feature of digital TV that allows a channel to display more than one program at the same time.

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