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Justice Cármen Lúcia talks about the role of the Judiciary at the 8th World Water Forum

The head of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) and the National Council of Justice (CNJ), Chief Justice Cármen Lúcia, stressed the importance of the Judiciary in the defense of the environment at the Conference of Judges and Prosecutors that opened the activities of the 8th World Water Forum, this Monday (19/3), before representatives of the Judiciary and Public Prosecutors of 150 countries. The Justice said that the presence of these authorities in Brasília demonstrates the involvement of the Judiciary around the world in the cause, which would hardly occur decades ago. "It is up to the Judiciary, when called to act, to increase the commitment in the cause and ensure that the children of today can live without the fear of not having enough water for survival", she stated.

For the Chief Justice of the STF, the severe water scarcity and drought problems recorded in recent years, including crisis related to the shortage of drinking water and food, are due to the fact that nature was not well treated. "We are all responsible for this", she affirmed. The Justice, however, acknowledged that there had been some advances in the treatment of water and access to drinking water in Brazil, and that the use of cisterns, for example, allowed the storage of millions of liters of water, especially in the Northeast. On the other hand, the Justice affirmed to be against "’pork-barrelled’, populist and demagogic" policies with the use of water in regions affected by drought. "Water tank trucks that are brought in during election periods are measures that offer no solution but dependence".

The Chief Justice drew attention to the impacts of the deforestation by burning on the banks of the São Francisco River, in order to produce coal. "The illegal, criminally illicit and corrupt burnings burned not only trees for money, but also hopes for social change and a civilizing advance", she concluded.

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