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Full Court of the Brazilian federal Supreme Court denies Habeas Corpus grant for the former Minister of Finance Antonio Palocci

By 7 votes to 4, the Plenary meeting of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) denied, at this Thursday's session (12), the granting of Habeas Corpus (HC) ex officio to former Minister of Finance Antonio Palocci Filho, who had been held in custody since September 2016 due to Operation Car Wash. Most of the Justices followed the understanding of the rapporteur of the case, Justice Edson Fachin, who relied, among other points, on the well-founded fear of recurrence of criminal practices, since part of the money laundered for which Palocci was convicted was not recovered, which suggests the existence of permanent crime.

Former Minister of finances and Chief of Staff of the presidency at Lula and Dilma Rousseff government, Antonio Palocci Filho was arrested in September 2016 in the course of Operation Car Wash, on charges that he had requested undue advantages to favor Odebrecht in bidding for Petrobras.

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