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Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) concludes trial and restricts the jurisdictional prerogative to federal parliamentarians

By majority vote, the Plenary meeting of the Brazilian federal Supreme Court (STF) has decided that the jurisdictional prerogative conferred on federal deputies and senators applies only to crimes committed in the exercise of the role and due to the functions related to it. The decision was made at this Thursday's session (3) in the judgment of a point of order in the Criminal Action (AP) 937. The understanding must be applied to the ongoing proceedings, and the STF acts and decisions - and the judges of other instances - are safeguarded based on previous jurisprudence, based on the point of order in the Inquiry (INQ) 687.

The opinion of the rapporteur on the point of order in AP 937, Justice Luís Roberto Barroso, prevailed at the trial, which also established that, after the end of the evidentiary stage, with the publication of the order of subpoena to present final allegations, the power to process and prosecute criminal actions will not be affected any more due to the public agent comes to occupy another position or leave the position he used to held, whatever the reason.

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STF concludes trial and restricts jurisdictional prerogative to federal parliamentarians

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