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Brazilian Federal Supreme Court declares unconstitutionality of provisions of the Elections Law that prohibit satire of candidates

Unanimously, the Justices of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) declared that the provisions of the Election Law (Law 9.504/1997) that prevented radio and television broadcasters from running humorous programs involving candidates, parties and coalitions in the three months prior to the lawsuit, as a way to avoid being mocked or satirized, are unconstitutional.

The judgment of the Direct Action for the Declaration of Unconstitutionality (ADI) 4451, in which the Brazilian Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters (Abert) questioned sections II and III (in part) of article 45 of the Elections Law, tool place on Wednesday (20) and Thursday's plenary meeting(21). The devices deemed unconstitutional by the STF were already suspended since 2010 by a preliminary decision.

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Read the entire vote of Justice Celso de Mello


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