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"The guarantee of the dignity of the human person is the most important principle in the 1988 Constitution", declares Chief Justice Carmen Lúcia

The Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Justice Carmen Lúcia, said on Thursday (9) that the most important fundamental principle of the Constitution of 1988 is the guarantee of the dignity of the human person. The statement was made at the Seminar "Human Rights in the 30 Years of the Federal Constitution and in the 70 Years of the American and Universal Declarations of Human Rights", held in partnership between the University Center of Brasília (Uniceub) and the Ministry of Human Rights. "It is the first constitution of the world in which this is expressed", the Chief Justice explained.

According to her, the Federal Constitution has defects, but it promoted the necessary change so that Brazil could become a true Republic. "There are republican spaces to be won, but we have improved a lot since 1988. The Constitution is only fulfilled by the action of citizens. We can not sit idly by, because there is much to do to give effect to the fundamental rights foreseen in the constitutional text. Take as an example the prejudice that still exists against women", she affirmed.

The Chief Justice of the Brazilian Supreme Court observed that the 1988 Constitution did not enunciate all forms of freedom, but the Brazilian constitutional system established the possibilities of liberation, which is the dynamics of freedom. "The Constitution has created systems, such as education, which is liberating. There is no democracy without fundamental rights duly fulfilled", she stated.

According to Chief Justice Carmen Lúcia, since 1988 citizens have access to their rights, what did not occur during the military dictatorship. "Knowing your rights makes people respect themselves and impose respect. This changes many things and people are no longer vulnerable to others. And we will never stop fighting for new rights", emphasised the Justice.

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