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Justice Carmen Lúcia was honored in her last Plenary Meeting as Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court

A tribute was paid for Justice Cármen Lúcia at the end of the plenary meeting this Wednesday (12), the last one of her administration as Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF). Speaking on behalf of the collegiate, Justice Marco Aurélio said that the Chief Justice has always observed the basic principles of the public administration: legality, impersonality, and efficiency.

Chief Justice

The Chief Justice of the Court acknowledge the expressions of support and said that tomorrow she would be "promoted to Judge", emphasizing that she prepared the agenda of the Plenary Meetings listening to the fellow Justices and all the presidents of the Courts of Justice and of the Federal Regional Courts of the Country, with which she kept monthly meetings in those two years.

"We have an extremely long agenda, with a huge number of cases. We did not do everything that it was needed, but it is encouraging knowing that the Judiciary and the Federal Supreme Court are a model of continuity. Each one plays a part, knowing that the next will continue, each one with its vision", she pointed out.

Chief Justice Carmen Lúcia emphasized the need to use technology more and more to respond to the demands of those seeking justice, stressing the importance of the VICTOR Project, which uses artificial intelligence to increase the efficiency and speed of judicial evaluation of the incoming cases to the court. " The Judge exists because of the party, so when the Brazilian citizen demands there must be an answer", she said.

The STF's Chief Justice mentioned the transparency ranking presented by the Court of Auditors of the Union  (TCU) on Wednesday ". Of the 135 bodies surveyed, the Federal Supreme Court ranked 8th as the most transparent body of Brazilian public administration", she said.

Reaffirming that advertising is one of the principles of the public administration, Justice Carmen Lúcia recalled that the website of the National Council of Justice (CNJ) discloses in real time a platform with the public compensation of subsidies of all Brazilian judges. Finally, the President of the STF thanked all the Justices, Judges, court officials, lawyers, prosecutors and citizens who appealed to the Judiciary.

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