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Brazilian Federal Supreme Court reduces its caseload by 30% during the term of office of Justice Cármen Lúcia

Justice Carmen Lúcia ends the two years of her administration at the head of the Presidency of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court  (STF) with the least amount of court proceedings of the last ten years. The number of lawsuits pending in the STF between the Chief Justice's inauguration on September 12, 2016 and August 31, 2018, received 198,419 cases and dropped 216,435, resulting in a caseload of 42,619 cases, or 30% lower than the initial level, which was 60,909 cases.

Regarding the constitutionality control actions, a management report released by the Justice indicates a 7.5% increase in the total number of new lawsuits, resulting in the filing of 559 lawsuits, of which 30 are related to Law 13467/2017, known as the Labor Reform, which changed the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT).

During the administration, 558 trial sessions were held by the collegiate organs of the Federal Supreme Court, with 615 cases adjudicated in face-to-face sessions of the Plenary and 4,598 judged by the Virtual Plenary. The First Chamber judged 3,591 cases in face-to-face sessions and 9,150 in virtual sessions, while the Second Chamber judged 999 processes in person and 7,512 in electronic sessions. Of the total of 249,197 decisions handed down by the Supreme Court in the period, including the monocratic decisions of the judge-rapporteurs, 36% of them were taken by Justice Carmen Lúcia, as the Chief Justice of the Court.

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