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Chief Justice Dias Toffoli presents the priorities of his administration to journalists

The head of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) and the National Council of Justice (CNJ), Chief Justice Dias Toffoli, presented today (17), at his first press conference, the members of his team at the STF and CNJ and detailed the main goals of its management as the head of the two bodies. The Chief Justice wants to emphasize the dialogue between the power branches and, internally, the consensus among his peers to improve and optimize the work done by the Justices, starting with the adoption of measures that bring effectiveness to the daily routine of the Court, with the expansion of the Virtual Plenary and artificial intelligence mechanisms.

Among the measures, Justice Dias Toffoli wants a division of the Presidency to analyze Extraordinary Review Appeals (ARE), avoiding that they be distributed to the offices, which will thus have more time to dedicate themselves to more relevant cases.

Press conference

After presenting his management goals, the Chief Justice began to answer questions from about 30 journalists present at the press conference. Dias Toffoli reaffirmed that he will not set controversial issues this year, such as Declaratory Actions of Constitutionality (ADCs) that discuss the arrest after the confirmation of the conviction in second instance court. As for the lawsuit that discusses the decriminalization of abortion - the Action against the Violation of a Constitutional Fundamental Right (ADPF) 442, reported by Rosa Weber - the Justice affirmed that its discussion has not been requested yet, but reaffirmed his personal understanding that the National Congress is the most appropriate place for such discussion.

Still answering the questions of the journalists, the Chief Justice said that the STF has always supported Operation Car Wash and its investigations. Dias Toffoli also spoke about the reliability of the electronic voting machines and stressed the importance of sending observers from the Organization of American States (OAS) to follow the October elections for the first time in history.

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