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Justice Ricardo Lewandowski highlights the breadth of the debate promoted by the public hearing

"At the end of the public hearing, I would like to express our satisfactionwith the high-level, orderly and balanced debate that was held at this historic moment for the country, which precedes the general elections. A debate that respected the audi alteram partem principle, which is stamped in our Constitution", said Justice Ricardo Lewandowski at the closing of the public hearing on transfer of control of public companies, held on Friday (28), in the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF). The Justice summoned the hearing in the Direct Action for the Declaration of Unconstitutionality (ADI) 5624, filed by the National Federation of Staff Associations of the Brazilian Federal Savings Bank (Fenaee) and the National Confederation of Workers of the Financial Sector (Contraf/Cut) against provisions of Law 13303/2016 (Law of the State-owned Enterprised).

The debates involved around 40 specialists, including academics, government representatives, trade unions, the private sector and state-owned enterprises. After the presentations, the hearing was opened for questions and clarifications.

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