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Chief Justice Dias Toffoli receives representatives from the female magistrature at lunch at the Brazilian Federal Court (STF)

The Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Justice Dias Toffoli, received today (15) for a lunch in the Court's Hall, representatives of the Brazilian women's magistracy and, in a brief opening address to the judges, and Justices of Superior Courts, affirmed that Brazilian society needs more women in the Judiciary. The meeting was organized in partnership with the Association of Brazilian Magistrates (AMB), through the interim president of the entity, Judge Renata Gil.

"A system of justice with a few women in their cadres and command posts it is an incomplete system, operating from a limited and partial understanding of the world, which impacts on the very quality of the judicial service," he said. "Women provides a differentiated look to the judicial activity, especially to gender issues, which is an area with many challenges."

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