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Agreement between the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court and the Federal Public Defender's Office allows monitoring of more than 3,000 letters of prisoners without financial conditions


The Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) and the Federal Public Defender's Office (DPU) signed a technical cooperation agreement Thursday to accelerate the response to letters sent by prisoners without financial conditions to the Service Center for Citizens of the Supreme Court. Chief Justice Dias Toffoli said that the compromise strengthens the interinstitutional relationship between the STF and the DPU and creates a channel of direct, fast and efficient communication with the DPU so that the relevant procedural and extrajudicial measures are taken in each case.


Almost all of the prisoners' correspondence is handwritten. According to the manager of the Service Center for Citizens, Jean Soares, the Supreme Court has already received some requests for habeas corpus written in bags of bread, napkins and toilet paper, cases in which the staff confers the same treatment of the other correspondence, giving the necessary referral to requests.

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