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Supreme Federal Court of Brazil (STF) issues about 125 thousand judicial decisions in 2018

The president of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), Justice Dias Toffoli, said at the end of the closing session of the Judicial Year held on Wednesday (19), that in 2018 the Court issued 124.975 decisions, of which 110.467 were monocratic (88,4%) and 14.508 were collegiate decisions (11.6%). During the period, 105.542 cases were dropped, and, currently, the Court's collection has 38.533 cases, 15.2% lower than the one existing on December 31, 2017.

In the balance sheet presented,Toffoli recorded that 100.437 cases were distributed this year, of which 20.293 were original ones (20.2%) and 80.144 on appeal (79.8%). A total of 42.270 cases were sent to the Presidency (43.6%). Another 54.611 were distributed to the other justices (56.4%). "Compliment to your excellencies. Everyone working hard to overcome this workload. There is no doubt, and it is necessary to record that there is no Supreme Court in the world with so many deeds distributed to it and being judged by the judges as here in our country, in this Supreme Federal Court", he said.

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