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The Deputy Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court, Justice Luiz Fux, in the exercise of the presidency, issued a note in solidarity with the victims of the tragedy in Brumadinho (MG)

The Judiciary reveals its solidarity with the families of the victims and the residents of the region. It urged the authorities to work out their efficient structure to find the missing people and it also awaits the determination of their responsibilities in a timely manner, so that the Judiciary can give the underprivileged population an effective judicial response to safeguard human life and the environment, values enshrined in the Brazilian Federal Constitution.

Finally, the Justice suggests that, as soon as possible, the authorities concentrate on the task force for the recovery of documents indispensable to the exercise of citizenship.

Justice Luiz Fux
Deputy Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court, in the exercise of the Presidency.

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