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National Council of Justice's form to help victims of domestic violence

The head of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) and the National Council of Justice(CNJ), Chief Justice Dias Toffoli, on Wednesday night (13), received the Working Group to Combat Domestic Violence that he instituted at CNJ to deal with the implementation in Brazil of the National Form of Risk Assessment and Life Protection (Frida).

In his inaugural address to the presidency in September 2018, Chief Justice Dias Toffoli mentioned that the subject will be one of the priorities of his administration in the CNJ. "This is a special fight to be executed and must involve the entire justice system, the State and the brazilian society, including families, educators and communication sectors", he said at the time.

The form is a powerful tool for prevention and combat of the phenomenon of domestic violence. Its purpose is to identify risk factors that indicate the likelihood of a future act of domestic violence and its severity, such as excessive jealousy, death threats, history of violence, the violence level, couple's separation, access to arms and stalking.

When the form measures the risk of new aggression or feminicide, it aims to raise woman's awareness of the degree of risk to which she is exposed, as well as to subsidize the elaboration of a protection plan for the victim and her children and the work of the criminal justice system, for the imposition of precautionary measures against the aggressor, such as removal from home, prohibition of approaching or maintaining contact with the victim, wearing the electronic anklet and, in the limit, preventive detention.

The tool allows the victim of domestic violence, at the first moment in which she reports the practice of a crime, to receive appropriate treatment, allowing the judge to identify, qualify and quantify a situation of risk to the physical and psychological integrity of the woman, aiming at the imposition of the appropriate precautionary measure.

The working group is chaired by the Justice of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) Rogério Schietti Cruz, coordinated by CNJ Counselor Daldice Maria Santana de Almeida, and also composed of auxiliary judges of the Court's Presidency Council Flávia Moreira Guimarães and Rodrigo Capez Pessoa, and by judges Adriana Ramos de Mello, Ariel Nicolai Cesa Dias, Deyvis de Oliveira Marques, Luciana Lopes Rocha and Madgéli Frantz Machado, who work in Domestic and Family Violence against Women Courts.

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