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First visitation of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) with translation into Brazilian Sing Language (LIBRAS) receives group of 35 deaf people

New to the visit of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), the translation into the Brazilian Sign Language (LIBRAS) helps deaf people to have detailed understanding of the history of Brazilian justice and the functioning of the Supreme Court of the country. Divided into two groups, 35 deaf people and two teachers connected to the Association of Parents and Friends of the Hearing Impaired People (APADA) visited the STF's headquarters building on Friday morning (15).

This is the first time that the guided tour in the STF was interpreted for deaf people. The idea is that the visitation with the presence of LIBRAS interpreters occurs once a week in days and times previously defined. The action is part of the permanent accessibility program of the Supreme Court (STF Sem Barreiras), whose purpose is to plan and adapt the space of the Court's premises for people with disabilities, reaffirming the importance of respecting differences and diversity.

Translation of sessions

This is another Court's action to promote accessibility for the deaf community. Since October 2017, STF's plenary sessions, usually held on Wednesdays and Thursdays afternoons, can be watched on Justice TV with translation into LIBRAS. The image of the interpreter appears in the lower corner of the screen.

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