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Denied claim for annulment of jury trial that convicted widow for killing her husband who won the Mega-Sena Lottery

Adriana was denounced and convicted as the one who ordered the murder of her companion, the millionaire René Sena, in January of 2007, in the Municipality of Rio Bonito (RJ). According to the defense, the sentencing council would have been composed in disagreement with provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure - CPP (Articles 425, 426, 432 and 433), causing the defendant to be tried by "a caste of jurors previously established."

In the HC to the Supreme, filed against the Brazilian Superior Court of Justice (STJ), Adriana's defense argued that the defect. in the formation of the sentencing council would justify the annulment of the judgment.

In his decision, Justice Alexandre de Moraes reproduced the Superior Court of Justice's (STJ) understanding, which confirmed the conclusion of the ordinary courts that there was no defect in the composition of the sentencing council. According to article 424 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the enlistment is carried out for jurors to perform their duties all year round.


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