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Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) decides that the salary ceiling of municipal prosecutors is the remuneration of the Court of Justice's (TJ) judges

The Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), on Thursday, concluded the judgment of Extraordinary Appeal (RE) 663696, with acknowledged general repercussion, which discussed the remuneration ceiling of municipal prosecutors. By majority vote, the Plenary decided that, because it is an essential function to Justice, the ceiling was the salary of the Court of Justice's judges.

RE 663696 was filed by the Municipal Association of Municipal Prosecutors of Belo Horizonte against a decision of the Minas Gerais Court of Justice (TJ-MG), which considered that the ceiling should be the mayor's salary, not the remuneration of the judges, as well as the state prosecutors. The association argued that the term "prosecutors" in the final part of clause XI of article 37 of the Federal Constitution must be broadly understood, in order to encompass all members of state, district and municipal public advocacy.

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