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Exhibition in the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) shows the role of women in the construction of Brasília

On International Women's Day, the Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Justice Dias Toffoli, opened the exhibition "Women's Memories of Construction of Brasilia", which rescues that period through the eyes of the pioneering women, which came from all over Brazil . "The exhibition displays documents, objects and images from the first buildings in Brasilia and is inspired by the look of the courageous women who came here in the late 1950s to build the new capital," said the Chief Justice. "Strong and talented women who contributed to erect present-day Brasilia, which is cultural heritage of humanity and architectural metaphor of the civic and democratic spirit of our country."


When he opened the exhibition, Dias Toffoli mentioned that the Constitution of the Republic, in article 3, establishes as a fundamental objective of the Republic the construction of a free, fair and solidary society "that promotes the good of everyone, without prejudices of origin, sex, color, age and any other form of discrimination" and, in article 5, proclaims equality between women and men in rights and duties. The Charter also protects women 's maternity and labor market, prohibits the difference in wages, in exercise of functions and in criterion of admission due to sex matters, and also establishes the equality of rights and duties between men and women in the conjugal society . "Thus, the 1988 Constitution projects in the life of every Brazilian woman the ideal of a dignified life full of rights," he said.

The Chief Justice stressed that the STF has been firm in affirming these rights. For instance, he pointed out the approval, at the beginning of 2018, of collective habeas corpus in favor of pregnant women and mothers of children under their responsibility remanded in custody; the guarantee of the minimum percentage of resources of the party fund for female candidacies; and the reaffirmation of the relevance of the Maria da Penha Law in combating domestic and family violence against women.


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