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The National Council of Justice (CNJ) promotes international seminar on transparency and anti-corruption

The event, supported by the Judicial Branch of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro State Magistracy School (Emerj) and the Association of Magistrates of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Amaerj), will be composed, on the first day, of panels that will address the impacts and prevention of corruption and transparency mechanisms, including in the electoral financing. These debates will be open to the public and will take place at the Museum of Tomorrow, starting at 9.30. Entries can be made until March 21.

Justices Dias Toffoli and Humberto Martins, along with the Federal Attorney General, Raquel Dodge, participate in the first panel, scheduled for 10 am, which will deal with the Impacts of Corruption in Brazil. The second panel will discuss Transparency and Prevention of Corruption, with the participation of Justices Luís Felipe Salomão, of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), Luiz Fux of the Brazilian federal Supreme Court (STF) and the director of International Transparency in Brazil, Bruno Brandão.

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