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Ex-Paraguayan mayor extradited for homicide crime will also be tried for drug trafficking

In 2015, Acosta's extradition was authorized by the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) to respond by two murder cases. He was convicted for the murder of a journalist and his intern in 2014.

At the session today, the current rapporteur of the case, Justice Carmen Lúcia, said that, according to information from the Paraguayan government, in addition to the crimes for which Acosta was extradited, the Paraguayan Court ordered him to be remanded for another case in which he is accused of owning, collecting, manufacturing and processing narcotics, with sentence expectation of five to 15 years in detention. Three tons of chopped marijuana and 148 kilograms of pressed marijuana, which according to Paraguayan authorities belonged to Acosta, were seized on a farm.


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