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Justice Barroso participates in meeting at Harvard about relations between State and religion in Brazil

Justice Luís Roberto Barroso also participated in the Brazil Conference at Harvard University, on Saturday (6), composing the session "Tolerance: Relations between State and Religion in Brazil", along with the Attorney General, Raquel Dodge, the Archbishop of São Paulo, Monsignor Odilo Scherer, and also the federal deputy, Geovania de Sá (PSDB / SP).


For the Justice, religion is a way of introducing ethics into human relationships, but not the only one. "People have the right to choose their paths, but also have the duty to live an ethical life according to their values and their convictions," he said. In his view, ethical life can be materialized into a proposition that unifies all the religions and all the main philosophies: we must act in relation to the others in the same way that we would like them to act in relation to ourselves.

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