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Brazilian Federal Supreme Court's Chief Justice highlights role of the Court for democratic stability

The Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Justice Dias Toffoli, said on Saturday (6) that the Court has played an important role in guaranteeing the country's institutional stability, especially after its re-democratization and the 24-year military rule. Toffoli participated in "The Role of the Federal Supreme Court" board, mediated by the jurist Oscar Vilhena and with participation of Senator Kátia Abreu, at Brazil Conference 2019, at Harvard University. "If we got here and the people could choose their representatives for deputy, senator, governor and president of the Republic, it was thanks to the Federal Supreme Court," he said.

According to the Chief Justice, the social and political instability lived in Brazil from 2013 must be seen naturally within the Democratic State of Law. After the crises of the first post-redemocratization governments, Toffoli notes that the two mandates of Fernando Henrique Cardoso and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva were periods of political and economic stability that brought new social actors and a new middle class. With the economic crisis arising in the first government of Dilma Rousseff, people started going to the streets to demand better services. "The fierce elections of 2014 were the egg of the snake of hate that we can not let enter our society," he said. "This speech of us against them came from 2014, from the two groups that reached the second round."

From 2015 onwards, the focus turned to allegations of corruption, which led the Legislative and the Executive to a serious crisis of representativeness and a great questioning on the part of society. Toffoli cited Dilma Rousseff's impeachment, Operation Car Wash, Lula's arrest, denunciations against Michel Temer, and questions about the 2018 elections. "All these cases went through the Federal Supreme Court," he stressed.

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