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Teixeira de Freitas Program - Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) Court receives Chilean students on exchange program

On Monday (25), the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) began the 19th edition of the Teixeira de Freitas Program, an academic-legal exchange of law students from foreign universities, with significant participation of students from MERCOSUR countries and associates. In the first edition of 2019, there will be three Chilean students who will know the Federal Supreme Court closely and the organization of the Brazilian Judiciary. Lectures and visits to Justice agencies and to the Court are among the activities that the exchange students will fulfill during the program period. The project will conclude with the Teixeira de Freitas Seminar, in which the students will present academic works in Comparative Law - Brazil and Chile -, in order to consolidate acquired knowledge.

By enhancing the creation of an intra-regional academic dialogue in the legal area, the Program aims to stimulate cooperation between MERCOSUR countries and associates. In addition to promoting mutual understanding of the legal realities of the different nations, Teixeira de Freitas aims to favor the development of a legal research line, as well as to facilitate the creation of a space for reflection on fundamental issues for the legal strengthening of the regional bloc.

The program is the result of a partnership between the STF and the University of Brasilia Foundation, under the coordination of the International Affairs Office.

For more information about the Teixeira de Freitas Program, visit the international page of the STF.

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