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Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court denies continuity of Writ of Mandamus against CCJ act in discussion on Proposal for Constitutional Amendment (PEC) of Social Security

Justice Ricardo Lewandowski of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) denied the continuity (deemed unfeasible) to the Writ of Mandamus (MS) 36414, in which the federal deputy Afonso Motta (PDT-RS) questioned the act of the president of the Constitution, Justice and Citizenship Commission of the Chamber of Deputies (CCJC), Felipe Francischini (PSL / PR), who, based on the Internal Regulation of that Legislative House, did not allow the presentation of amendments and highlights in the process under discussion of Proposal for Constitutional Amendment 6/2019 (PEC) of Social Security. According to the Justice, the matter covered by the case file can not be assessed by the Judiciary because it is an issue that must be resolved within the sphere of action of the National Congress.

In the writ of mandamus, Motta claimed that the act questioned violates the due constitutional legislative process. By the impetration, the parliamentarian wanted the CCJC to assure him the right to totally or partially remove the provision of the PEC 6/2019.

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