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Justice Fachin talks about the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court's performance at lunch at the Council of the Americas, in New York

Justice Edson Fachin, of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), participated as a guest of honor at a luncheon hosted by the Council of the Americas, in New York, United States, and spoke on the performance of the STF and also on his task as magistrate of the Brazilian Constitutional Court. "The task of a Justice of the Federal Supreme Court is modest", he said. "It is only one vote, among 11 that form a single institution among an even larger set of institutions."

Antithesis of authoritarianism

Fachin presented a broad vision of the recent history of the country, starting with redemocratization and the promulgation of the Constitution of the Republic of 1988. "It is in relation to the previous regime that we must try to understand what the Constitution constituted," he said. "The Constitution is the antithesis of the previous years authoritarianism. It is part of the wave of democratization that has passed through the Latin American countries, defined by the holding of direct and periodic elections, guarantee of freedom of expression and access to information, protection of the right of association and government accountability "

Council of the Americas

The Council of the Americas is a business organization created in 1963 by entrepreneur David Rockfeller to promote free trade, democracy and open markets in the Americas. The board is made up of leading international companies in sectors such as financial markets, consulting, energy, mining, industry, media, technology and transportation.

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Read the full speech of Justice Fachin.

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