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Justice determines that Army initiates expertise in disputed areas between Piauí and Ceará

Cármen Lúcia, Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), ordered that the Brazilian Army initiate the technical expertise in the records of the Civil Action of Origin (ACO) 1831, in which the State of Piauí requests the demarcation in three areas located in the frontier area with the State of Ceará. The litigation dates back to the time of the Empire.

The dispute that involves the areas arose after the publication of the Imperial Decree 2012, in October 22nd of 1880, which changed the dividing line of the two at that time provinces. In 1920, by mediation of President Epitácio Pessoa, the both states signed an arbitration agreement. They had the expectation that the Government of the Republic would send "reliable engineers" to make a geographic survey of the region, which has not occurred until today.

The expertise will cost R $ 6.9 million, and the estimated time, according to the Army, is of 2,983 man-hours. It will be done by the Brazilian Army Cartography Service Command and by its Department of Science and Technology (DCT), based on a survey of a digital model of elevation to be made by a private company.


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