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Rapporteur determines nomination of successful candidates in public tender for labour inspector career

Cármen Lúcia, Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), upheld Complaint (RCL) 32919 to determine the nomination, within a maximum period of 60 days, of two candidates approved in a public tender held in 1994 for the position of labour inspector.

In the RCL, the candidates alleged that the Ministry of Planning, Development and Management and the Minister of Labor and Employment - today part of the structure of the Ministry of Economy - had failed to comply with the decision of the Supreme Court for the writ of mandamus 23538. The First Chamber of the Court acknowledged that the appellants, which were approved in the first stage of the public tender in 1994 for vacancies in Rio de Janeiro, were disadvantaged, so it authorized their participation in the second phase (training course). The decision also impeded the appointment of candidates approved in future tender as long as the authors were not convened to the second stage.

The opinion of the Attorney General's Office (PGR) expressed in favour of the complaint, in addition to stress that the First Chamber, in the trial of the RCL 1728, which had the same subject, acknowledged the affront to the final and unappealable decision. It also determined the nomination of the candidates, since there is no longer the stage of training course in the tender for the position.

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