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Drug possession for personal consumption is the subject of the International Jursiprudence Bulletin

The 6th edition of the International Jurisprudence Bulletin, drawn up by the Brazilian Fedral Supreme Court's (STF) Secretariat of Documentation, brings as a theme the drug possession for personal consumption, a matter under analysis by the Plenary of the Court in Extraordinary Appeal (RE) 635659, with acknowledged general repercussion.

Available on the portal, the bulletin brings 14 decisions of Constitutional Courts or Supreme Courts of South Africa, Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Georgia, Hungary, Mexico, Portugal and Seychelles.

In relation to the previous publications, this edition innovates when presenting in the summary the juridical theses, allowing the quick access to the statement of interest. The reader will also be able to consult the judgment date and access the hyperlink to the full content of the judgment.

The main purpose of the bulletin is to raise and systematize high courts' decisions, and, eventually, international bodies, on complex issues that challenge the courts around the world. It is worth noting that all decisions retrieved in the research, circumscribed or related to the object of analysis, do not necessarily reflect the STF's position.

In previous editions, the publication has already addressed issues such as abortion, slave labor and home schooling. All of them are available on the portal of the Supreme, in the menu "Jurisprudence", in the link "International Jurisprudence".


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