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The Brazilian Federal Supreme Court's Chief Justice presents a balance of the collegiate judgments held in the first semester

At the end of the plenary session on Thursday (27), the Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Dias Toffoli, reported that during the first half of 2019, 7,895 cases were tried by the Plenary and the two Chambers. For the Chief Justice, the period was "highly productive, profitable and regarding themes relevant to the Brazilian nation."

Toffoli recalled that 63 plenary sessions were held - two solemn, 40 presential and 21 virtual - in which 1,615 cases were tried. In the Chambers 6,280 cases were tried, being 1,288 in presential sessions and 4,992 in virtual sessions.

"I challenge to present a Supreme Court in the world that has judged so many feats in one semester," concluded the president, declaring the collegiate work of the first half of the year closed.

Justice Marco Aurelio praised the conduction of the work by Chief Justice Dias Toffoli. Brazilian chief prosecutor, Raquel Dodge, and lawyer Cézar Britto, on behalf of advocacy, also highlighted the fruitful work of the Supreme Court in this period and the safe conduct by the president.


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