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The Brazilian Federal Supreme Court's dean assures detainees of penitentiary in the municipality of São Paulo the right to daily sunbathing

Justice Celso de Mello, dean of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), ordered the administration of Tacyan Menezes de Lucena Penitentiary in Martinópolis (SP) to take immediate steps to ensure to all prisoners (convicted and provisional), collected in the pavilions of preventive measure of personal and disciplinary security, the right to leave the cell for at least two hours a day for sunbathing. The decision consists of an injunction granted in a colective Habeas Corpus (HC 172136) filed by the Public Defender's Office of the State of São Paulo, after defenders found, during a visit to the penitenciary establishment, that the prisoners collected at these pavilions did not leave their cells for sunbathing.

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